9-Grid Scaling Support in Javascript/CSS

If you have ever spent any time developing and styling flex applications, you have probably come to find the 9-grid scaling feature indispensable. For those of you unfortunate enough to have never experienced this feature, it enables you to easily scale an image while preserving the scale of certain portions of the image based where it lies within a specified grid. Parts of the image which lie in the corners of the grid will not be scaled and parts which lie in the sides will only be scaled in one direction.

Traditionally, to achieve this same effect in plain html/css you would slice the background image into multiple files and have extra structural markup in order to place the images in the appropriate places. This is particularly annoying for fluid layouts. Being faced with a small side project in html/css and desperately wanting to avoid this css styling tedium, I created a jQuery plugin which brings 9-grid scaling support to html/css. I have also put up some examples and I have also put it up on google code. I am looking forward to using this as a more efficient alternative.

UPDATE: This plugin is outdated and has instead been replaced by the border-image style.

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