Retroactively Open-Sourced Project #1: Paperblocks

This is the first of several personal project's that I plan to open source in the coming months. As I've slowly begun the process of migrating all of my personal projects from a private gitosis installation to github to a new server, I've realized that most of my 43 private repositories will amount to nothing in my hands alone. I'm also a big fan of free software without restrictions. With that in mind, I am licensing these projects under the MIT license.

Paperblocks is a flash 3d tetris game I made in my spare time years ago. I previously made a short blurb about it here. It is built with Flex and Papervision3D with a small php high scores backend. The original inspiration for the game was from Blockout, which was one of my favorites growing up.

Play the game or check out the source code. Cheers!

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